15 January 2014

Some days

One needs to find ways to escape this downward spiraling mindset - else it would be quite difficult to concentrate on what one is supposed to be doing.

But I suppose it is okay to think

every once in a while to just get the grey, mundane thoughts out of my head, right? 

06 January 2014

Love Notes

Don't you just love Love Notes on your desk when you walk into the office on Monday mornings?


02 January 2014


So I caught up with the Sherlock fandom in 2012 and then ended up curled into a ball in the corner of my mind, rocking and crying to myself, waiting to find out how Sherlock survived that fall. 

And more importantly, WHY he kept it a secret from John. Oh the heartache. The pain in John's eyes when he realised that he had to let his best friend go. 

I am not that horrible to post spoilers to one of the best kept (and well teased) secret on BBC history, but allow me to post this:

Caused my heart to stop a few times barely 15 minutes into the episode.

Welcome back, super sleuth! And don't you go dying on us ever again! 

28 November 2013

Bringing this back

Gonna be doing this! (^_^)v Whee!